Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Professional photo. Not sure when this was taken either.

Hermiston, Oregon

My mom and Aunt Juanita. Either going to or coming from the airport. This is taken in my parents' driveway. I think it is 1974.

Isn't she cute?

Uncle Al and Aunt Juanita.

This is how Uncle Al looked the last time I saw him. Cancer is an ugly thing. They were just a wonderful couple.

It looks like a beautiful day.

I just love the way Aunt Juanita was dressed. It was an era when "women" prided themselves in being "ladies." I'm sure this had to be a Sunday because all of the ladies wore hats to church.
It brings back peaceful, lazy days of summer.

Aunt Juanita is in her element. Beautiful weather and a grandchild.

In the hills where she grew up?

Aunt Juanita and her grandchildren.

I don't know where this was taken or who the kids are, other than the grandkids. I do know, for a fact, how much she adored her grandkids and always talked about and bragged on them.

Aunt Juanita with her flowers.

This is also one of the ways I remember her. She loved her backyard and loved to work in her backyard. She had the most beautiful flowers. I would love to be able to raise flowers the way she did.

Picture of the four Pottgens. Year?